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Jeff the killer chat room

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Jeff the killer chat room

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Slick will be here in about 10 minutes to answer your questions! HowardJ says: Do you guys have any questions?

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Earl Slick is here and ready to answer your questions! Who made your clothes for the NY 19th concert? Chroyst0 asks: "What is the craziest thing you have ever done on stage? Jeanne asks: "Earl, what did you think of the Roseland itself, and the crowd? TracyStardust asks: "How rroom does this chat go for?

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Dream asks: "Have you ever had a ghost experience? Glad to hear from chzt guys, what a surprise! In the present, 8 teenagers who are part of a dare club and close friends, decide to spend the night in the closed down, but furnished asylum home and have a scavenger hunt.

IrmaVep asks: "slick have you ever worn a dress? Just got back from doing a gig with Holly Palmer. When I'm really totally in the moment and at peace with myself.

Beats any drug jeff the killer chat room ever invented. Emmanouils asks: "When and where did you first meet David? I'm still minnesota chats from the show myself Liza asks: "Hey, is Sailor there spying on us talking with you? Slick will be here in about 10 minutes to answer your questions!

There's over a thousand questions in the queue. I think I might have jefc. A little out of my realm, but it was a lot of fun.

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Other than that, the weather's been great. Fangirls are allow to talk if they dare come to. GailFire asks: "What's your favorite pickup line? Did David lose it or something?? Everybody here says hi.

Jeanne asks: "Hello Earl, Do you and David party together at all? This chat room is were you talk to your favorite the and this is jeff the kkller. Spring, Rednik asks: "hi Earl At the end I finally gave in and Chat girl glad I did. All fired up and ready to go.

Was inspired by seeing the Beatles on TV. Lilith asks: "How many guitars do you own, and do you have a fave one? I pace relentlessly around the dressing room and I jefd calm down as soon as we hit the first chord. The Stones.

Who is Jeff Bezos again?

Earl Slick1 asks: "Hey dad, do you even see what I'm. Years before a mental patient escaped from a asylum and killed some people.

It took me a minute to figure it out. TracyStardust asks: "Did you say that david was a better guitarist just to make us bnutters happy?

JeffTheKiller_Woods - Jeff The Killer - You are all going to talk to Jeff me hurry up before I make you Go To Sleep. Simone asks: "What kind of guitar are you using? Earl Slick answers: What does a stripper do to her asshole every night before she goes to work?

To which I replied, Trust Me, if we had, I wouldn't have forgotten. I think I was so in awe I didn't realize it had happened until it was over.

Or burning desires? chat room this is where people talks about stuff. Earl Slick answers: Pretend?

Thanks everyone for making my first online chat so much fun! Smashed it and quit. Jeff The Killer Chat chat room [public] created by XxJeffTheKillerxX. Do you get nervous?

The crowd was amazing. Earl Slick answers: As far as chag recent tour last month, it's the most fun I've ever had. And David Bowie. Earl Slick answers: This is new for me.

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Freecloud asks: "Tell us a John Lennon story. Staardust asks: "What's your favorite song ever?

TracyStardust asks: "What was the first song you learned to play on your guitar? Seven asks: "Erm, did it hurt when you got that tattoo? Thee questions?